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Data driven cleaning management software is changing the way facilities management and cleaning teams operate. Intelligent cleaning management software interacts with the Internet of Things (IoT), resulting in improved operational efficiencies in almost any environment. Data driven solutions allow businesses to work smarter, save money, and boost user experience.

Up-to-date information on real time cleaning demands

Smart cleaning involves the use of integrated operational and environmental IoT sensors, which collect data on a range of variables, such as accurate visitor numbers, cleaning needs and consumable stock levels. With access to such a wealth of up-to-date information, integrated smart cleaning technology ensures facilities management teams can respond to actual occupancy requirements and real-time demands across washrooms and the rest of the building.

Embracing smart cleaning

Data driven cleaning moves away from reactive responses and becomes proactive. This dynamic, needs-focused approach to facilities management allows teams to increase and improve their performance, and to work smarter. With data collected from almost any touchpoint, including doorways, elevators, and toilet cubicles, information is centralized and integrated into a dashboard that is instantly shared with cleaning team. Whether this is via a tablet or even a wearable device, cleaners know exactly what needs attention, where and when.
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Improve your team’s performance

Data driven smart cleaning is the future of the facilities management industry. From large commercial spaces to retail and office environments, smart cleaning technology allows facilities teams to schedule their time and resources efficiently and empowers them to improve the service they provide. Performance is optimized, operational efficiencies are achieved, costs are reduced and crucially, customer satisfaction is increased.
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Benefits of Data Driven Cleaning Technology

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Workforce are Empowered
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Accountability in Increased
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Improved Budget Management
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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is smart cleaning technology in buildings?
Data driven smart cleaning technology is shifting the way in which buildings manage their cleaning teams. When cleaning management software is installed, it works with the Internet of Things (IoT), to facilitate smarter cleaning. Used in almost any building, from retail and office spaces to larger commercial environments, smart cleaning technology supports operational efficiencies, offers monetary savings, and improves hygiene and the customer environment.
What are the benefits of data driven cleaning technology?
Data driven cleaning technology makes cleaning smart. The technology provides real-time information on visitor numbers and their actual usage patterns, meaning cleaning teams can work proactively rather than reactively. With an on-demand approach to facilities management, performance is improved, and accountability is increased. Efficiencies in cleaning schedules can be identified and initiated, meaning budgets are easier to track and manage.
What is the latest technology used for cleaning?
Data driven cleaning represents the future of cleaning. When cleaning management software is installed, the facilities management industry benefit from a wealth of data on a wide range of variables. With information on things like accurate visitor numbers, on-demand cleaning requirements and actual stock levels, teams know exactly what needs their attention, the precise location, and when it is needed. With all this information collected via integrated environmental and operational IoT sensors, teams can work in a proactive, efficient, and smart way.
What is smart cleaning in housekeeping?
Housekeeping via smart cleaning technology offers a data driven approach. Data is collected from the IoT which uses sensors in a range of operational and environmental settings. Installed cleaning management software then collects and shares this data with facilities management teams to enable on-demand, smarter cleaning. For housekeeping teams in any building, smart cleaning allows housekeeping teams to achieve operational efficiencies, improve cleaning standards, manage budgets more effectively and boost their customer’s experience.

Find out more about our Data Driven Cleaning Management Software

Talk to us today to find out how we can help enhance your brand’s hygiene perception and environmental footprint, while reducing your operational costs.

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