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Our water leak detection services use the latest technology to detect leaks quickly and accurately. The non-invasive solution prevents damage to your property, saves time and money, and offers environmental and sustainability efficiencies.

We offer high-quality services, the best in water leak detection dubai has to offer, enabling you to find leaks, save money and help protect the environment. Our team of skilled experts have decades of experience and use the latest, non-invasive water leak detection technology, to find and repair any leak swiftly and effectively. With a focus on inspecting, authenticating, testing and reporting, and driven by our commitment to sustainability, we deliver the highest level of service to customers across the region. Our expertise in water leak detection dubai provides Commercial, industrial and residential property owners with a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.
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Water leak detection service on phone in bathroom
Leaks can be very difficult to locate. They can cause significant damage, be expensive to repair, lead to escalating costs and have a negative impact on our precious water resources. Any leak, of any size, and for any type of business, should be found and fixed immediately. Through our services in water leak detection dubai, We support our customers, day or night, to ensure their business isn’t interrupted, damage is limited and costs don’t escalate. In turn, this helps customers to improve operations and boost their sustainability credentials.

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Leak Prone Locations

Commercial Property Leaks:

  • Swimming pools/Jacuzzis/water features
  • Water tanks
  • Water lines
  • Drainage pipes
  • Irrigation systems

Underground Water Leaks:

  • Underground parking
  • Underground water tank
  • Underground fire hydrant
  • Underground chilled water
  • Basement inspections for mold and damp

Building Leak Detection for MEP Leaks:

  • Drainage pipes
  • Fire lines
  • Chilled water lines and lagging
  • Walk-in chillers
  • Air conditioning
  • District cooling
  • Domestic potable water
Thermal camera for leak detection

The Benefits

Leak icon in green
Accurately locate leaks
Green man icon directing
No disruption to business
Save Money icon in green
Save money
dynamic icon on green laptop
Improve efficiencies
Maintenance icon in green and grey
Prevent damage
Water preservation icons in green and grey
Preserve our precious water supply
Tap Icon in green
Stop potable water waste and provides environmental and building damage protection
real time monitoring system on device icon
Ensures structural safety
Magnifine glass icon with pipe leak icon
Single fix to prevent reoccurrence

How Can Our Services in Water Leak Detection Dubai Help You?

Green icon of hands washing under faucet
Reduce your water bills
Thumbs up icon in green
Prevent against costly future damage
Screws icon in green and grey
Mitigate future repair costs
Business Efficiency Icon in green and grey
No inconvenience to you or your business
Support centre icon in green and grey
Supportive customer service throughout the process
Public space icon with tree and bench in green
Help you to achieve sustainability targets

Frequently Asked Questions?

How are water leaks detected?
We are able to find and fix leaks in commercial, residential and industrial properties using the latest leak detection technology. Our methods are completely non-invasive meaning there is no further damage to your property and no interruption to your business.
Is there a device or equipment to detect water leaks?
We use cutting-edge, high-tech water leak detection devices. We are continuously investing in the latest technology to ensure that we offer the most competitive and effective service in even the most challenging location. We also invest heavily in training our leak detection engineers, ensuring a skilled and professional team are there to support you.
Is leak detection accurate?
Traditionally, leaks are hard to find. Thanks to the sophisticated technology we use, and the experience and skill of our team of engineers, we offer highly accurate water leak detection methods. We won’t need to damage property further – our specialists us the most accurate technology to pinpoint the leak, quickly and precisely.
What is the best leak detection method?
Sophisticated leak detection technology offers the most cost-effective solution. Our technology locates the source of any leaks with precision and accuracy. Traditional methods require the removal of floorboards or digging up the ground to locate the source. Our tech uses non-invasive methods to find and fix leaks, no matter how small they are.

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Find out more about Varteco’s Leak Detection Services

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