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A water saving, cleaning solution from VERTECO that allows mobile hand washing in public places

Innovation and Mobility

The Smixin system is an innovative, mobile hand washing system that makes hand hygiene in public places simple. The fully automated, water saving system ensures hand washing is accessible to everyone, wherever and whenever it is needed. From counters in food courts and hotel buffets to school playgrounds and busy airport terminals, the free-standing unit can be conveniently located in any crowded place.

Reducing Waste

The Smixin system not only promotes good hand hygiene habits, it also addresses water shortages by drastically reducing the waste associated with hand washing With pre-set parameters, consumption of water, soap and paper towels are regulated, meaning the system guarantees the most ecological usage of water and consumables.
Close up of male hands washing with Smixin handwashing machine

Improving Hand Hygiene

Completely touchless, the automatic Smixin system delivers impeccable hygiene standards. Users simply place their hands in the mobile unit and a mix of water and soap are dispensed, followed by a paper towel. In under 15 seconds, the highest standards of hand sanitation are delivered, with a minimum of resources, and without compromising user experience. The mobile Smixin system makes hand washing easy, when washrooms aren’t available and sticky sanitizers aren’t desirable. The solution not only addresses public health concerns but lowers water waste in one of the most water-scarce regions of the world, helping businesses save money and achieve their environmental and sustainability goals.
Mobile handwashing system
Hands receiving paper towel to dry from the Smixin handwash system

The benefits of mobile hand wash systems

hand and water drop icons in green and grey
Only 0.2 litres of water per hand wash
Hand wash icon in green

A 90% decrease in water use compared to the average hand wash

Hand and soap icon in green
Soap consumption is reduced by 60%*
Paper towel machine icon in green
Paper towel consumption is reduced by 60%*
Software solutions icon in green
Automated and Touchless
Man pushing trolley icon in green
Fully Mobile
recycle icon in green
Environmentally Friendly
Green icon of hands with good hygiene
Improving hand Hygiene
Maintenance icon in green and grey
Easy Maintenance
Save Money icon in green
Cost Saving
Green icon of hands washing under faucet
Convenience of hand washing, any place, anytime
Tree and bench icon in green
Ideal for any public space
*Compared to conventional dispensers

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do portable/mobile hand wash stations work?
Mobile hand washing systems make hand hygiene accessible at any time, in any location. By placing portable units, such as the Smixin mobile hand wash system, in any busy place, people can wash their hands without visiting over-crowded or unhygienic washrooms and reduce their reliance on sanitizers. They dispense water, soap and a paper towel, in measured amounts that drastically reduce waste and promote environmental efficiencies.
What is the hand washing process?
Washing our hands with soap and water is the most effective way to maintain hand hygiene. When done properly, it removes dirt and stops the spread of bacteria and infections. Mobile hand washing systems are completely touchless units, that provide a mix of water and soap when hands are placed below a sensor. A paper towel is then dispensed, with the whole process taking less than 15 seconds.
What are the three types of hand washing?
There are three main types of hand washing: antiseptic, surgical, and social. Antiseptic and surgical handwashing are more stringent forms of hand hygiene and involve the use of chemicals to remove microorganisms, usually within a healthcare setting. Social handwashing is done every day to remove dirt and bacteria from our hands, and to stop the spread of infection. Its what we should all do after visiting the washroom, following physical contact, and before we eat. Mobile hand washing systems ensure that the public can hygienically clean their hands with soap and water, whenever and wherever they need to.

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