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Saved substantial amounts of water in the process

 Installation of VERTECO’s IoT enabled smart washroom products have not only helped us to identify patterns and trends, allowed us to adjust planned maintenance schedules and ensured we avoid running out of consumables in in a high traffic landside washroom, it have saved substantial amounts of water in the process. This has assisted us in our water reduction targets, reducing operational costs and improving passenger experience.

Steven Mearns
Head of Engineering and Facilities, Heathrow Airport

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An outstanding reputation in the region

 In 2019, Mubadala group undertook an initiative called ‘Sustainability in the workplace’, aiming to address water consumption within our businesses. We were looking for a company with experience, expertise and proven effectiveness, who could guide us on both environmentally and commercially efficient ways to reduce and save on water consumption. We found VERTECO who, with an outstanding reputation in the region, had worked with numerous large corporate and government entities within the UAE to achieve exactly what we were looking for. VERTECO performed a detailed audit of water consumption in our corporate headquarters and quickly identified areas within which we could immediately make savings, with minimal investment, in particular, the innovative Waterless Urinal solution. We found VERTECO and their product range unmatched in terms of the environmental impact their superior product range offered. The fact that VERTECO designed, manufactured, installed and offered maintenance only supported our decision. Products such as this are often sold through distributors which impact the level of personal customer service – something that we really value. Following a large-scale installation, the VERTECO system had an immediate and significant impact on our water consumption; consumption in urinals immediately shrank to zero. The system is easy to maintain and is a very hygienic solution compared to traditional flushing urinals. As no flushing is required, the traditional flush valves, and sensors were no longer required, which meant no maintenance time and costs. The product is innovative yet very cost-effective – commercially it just made sense. A win for our operational budget and a huge win for the environment.

Berni O’Sullivan
Manager Strategic Planning & Effectiveness | Business Services, Mubadala

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Regional pioneers of sustainability

 As the world‘s most advanced aviation Safety and Emergency Procedures training academy, Dynamic Advanced Training prides itself not only on excellent training outcome but also on customer service. It is imperative that the partners, vendors and businesses we chose to work with, take this as seriously as we do. When conducting our research into sustainability partners, reputation was an essential element of our selection process, as well as finding a pragmatic and odorless solution that suited our requirements. The reputation that VERTECO has, not only as regional pioneers of sustainability, but as a reliable, trusted company, precedes them. Their maintenance teams are not only well trained, but they also always turn up on time and are a pleasure to have at the academy (they don’t hang around, they carry out what they need to do and then vanish without fuss causing no disruption to our operations). When we communicate with the VERTECO office, customer service staff are courteous, polite and deal with our enquiries professionally. Service is impeccable and of course, their products work. Can definitely recommend!

Mark Kammer
Operations Director and Co-Founder, Dynamic Advanced Training

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Long term sustainability partners

 In 2011, as part of VOX Cinema’s environmental initiatives, the organisation looked at companies we could work with to ensure we met our sustainability goals, and our research led us to VERTECO. We were aware of other water saving companies in the market but were not convinced that their products would work effectively. A trial with VERTECO proved that their environmental products were 100% hygienic and effective, even in the busiest washrooms. Since the trial we have installed VERTECO’s product (the Waterless Urinal system) across the entire UAE VOX Cinema portfolio of 15 cinemas. We have been using their water-saving solution for 10 years now, and we have been able to eradicate urinal water usage, helping us to achieve our sustainability goals.

Vimal Radhakrishnan
Facilities Manager – VOX Cinema

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Excellent sustainability solutions provider

Etihad ESCO is a DEWA venture that was established in 2013 to make Dubai building a leading example of water and energy efficiency for the region and the world. As a Super ESCO (Energy Service Company), we enable the water and energy performance contracting market in Dubai by developing water and energy efficiency retrofit projects to over 30,000 buildings. To support our strategy and operations, and to allow us to fulfil our sustainability obligations, we quickly had to find experienced, expert specialist partner organisations within the water and energy conservation fields, to complement and work together with our in-house environmental engineers and project managers. We chose VERTECO, as regional players in the water conservation arena for over 10 years, who really understand the issues and complexities of water usage and wastage in the Middle East. Their end-to-end focus on saving water in both commercial and residential properties was an ideal partner for us. Whether it has been a water audit of a building to identify wastage or the simple supply of water saving devices, VERTECO’s recommendations have allowed us to serve and address our client’s sustainability needs. I would personally recommend VERTRECO to companies of any scale looking to contract an excellent sustainability solutions provider.

Pradeep Singh
Acting Director – BD and Technical Etihad Energy Service

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Best possible customer experience for their washroom users

Besides the obvious water and cost savings that VERTECO’s Water less Urinals provide, one of the most important benefits for our company was the technical support we continue to receive. When we install a new product on such a large scale, we have to consider the impact of ongoing maintenance costs that might be associated with the installation. VERTECO staff conducts monthly maintenance checks on our washrooms. This means that any potential issues are flagged immediately and dealt with before any larger, costly issues can arise. The staff is extremely well trained and knowledgeable, giving us peace of mind that the WaterlessUrinal system won’t give his any major maintenance issues or costs in the future. We find the system to be completely effective and hygienic, even in the h istest of spaces. We would recommend VERTECO’s Waterless Urinal system to anyone looking to ensure the best possible customer experience for their washroom users.

Mr.Paul Ayclaorih
Director of Engineering, Kempinski Hotel, Mall of Emirates

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A reliable service provider

 VERTECO was contracted to provide a water-saving solution to Dubai Retail across a number of properties including Bay Avenue, Shorooq, Al Khail Community and Mudon Community. This has proven to be beneficial in terms of bringing our group closer to our sustainability goals by reducing water usage and wastage. Additionally, we have gained the advantage of considerable monetary savings. VERTECO has proven to be a reliable service provider and comes highly recommended.

Ramon Jr. Regondala
Mall Operation

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We value their commitment to environmental issues

 CBRE have been long-standing champions of VERTECO’s Waterless Urinal system. Sustainability was not as high on everyone’s radar 10 years ago as it is now, so it was refreshing to discover a company (who at the time were new to the region) that recognized the importance of our region’s dire need to take water- saving seriously. Our relationship has been extremely strong ever since. We value their dedication to innovation and their commitment to environmental issues such as water use. We also really respect their dedication to customer service and their team’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of every product. | cannot imagine how much water — or money — we have saved over the years as early installers of the Waterless Urinal system. | would personally recommend VERTECO to companies of any size looking to address wastage of our precious water supplies.

Pollie Romero
Facilities Manager CBRE Real estate & Global Workspace Solutions

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