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Make the most of VERTECO’s smart technologies to enhance your washroom services and improve the people flow and customer experience of your facilities.

LooLights™ Cubicle Occupancy

LooLights™ is a simple way to visually determine cubicle occupancy,, particularly in high footfall washrooms such as in airports, stadiums, and shopping malls. This innovative product is designed to help ease congestion in busy washrooms and direct customers to vacant cubicles via a restroom occupancy indicator light. The system is very similar to how a car park shows users space availability. Once fitted to the ceiling outside of each washroom cubicle door, LooLights™ help manage people flow by showing green for vacant cubicles, red for engaged and blue for disabled.
Green sensor light on ceiling
Occupancy system interface with green sensor light

The valuable, real-time occupancy data that the system collects, using VERTECO’s Smart technology, can be easily viewed and analysed on a desktop or mobile device and supports improved operational efficiencies.

This up-to-date data can also be displayed on an external, customer-facing screen of the washroom. Customers can decide to wait or be directed to the closest alternate washroom should all cubicles be occupied.

Washroom Cubicle Occupancy Display

The real-time data on occupancy numbers that the system collects can also be displayed on an external, customer-facing washroom occupancy screen outside of the washroom. With details on current capacity, number of available cubicles and when the last clean took place, the visual display supports better capacity management and improved customer service. Based on the information being displayed via the occupancy monitoring system, customers can decide whether to use the washroom or to wait. If all cubicles are occupied, the display can direct them to the closest alternate washroom that isn’t fully occupied.

Smart water wide on phone

The Benefits

Maintenance icon in green and grey
Easy to install
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Interchangeable Configuration
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Different mounting options
Less maintenance icon in green
Less maintenance
Green and grey no battery logo
No batteries

How can LooLights™ Stall Occupancy Technology help you?

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Enhance washroom experience
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Reduce queuing times
Green man icon directing
Direct users
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Wide applications
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Data-driven occupancy
Business Efficiency Icon in green and grey
Different mounting options
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Bespoke alerts
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Data-driven cleaning
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Different mounting options

Find out more about our LooLights™

Find out more about Varteco’s LooLights™ WC Cubicle Occupancy System

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