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Reduce the environmental footprint of your business with simple, cost effective water saving solutions.

Saving water is easy.

VERTECO is a leading water-saving solutions company, supporting your business with tailored solutions, products and services that conserve water and reduce your operational costs. We can help you achieve significant reduction in your water consumption, whilst maintaining ideal flow rates for every application to ensure the optimal user experience.
In many cases the payback period for water conservation improvement is measured in weeks rather than years, meaning it is also an economically lucrative choice. In short, saving water means saving money for your company.
Kitchen tap above sink
Toilet flush on white tiled wall

We are committed to providing simple, cost-effective solutions to make water saving accessible to all businesses.

Many organisations have already initiated some water conservation measures, such as fixing aerators in faucets, and flow regulators in showers, but most have the opportunity to save much more.
We are proud to have been presented the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) ‘Letter of Recommendation’ in recognition of achieving stringent water efficiency parameters.
Additional accolades include Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Councils (QCC) ‘Certificate of Conformity’ and the Waterwise Marque for a commitment to water saving innovation.
Most recently, Institute of Workplace Facility Management (IWFM) bestowed the prestigious award for Innovation and Technology to the patented Waterless Urinal System
Some of our clients we have helped conserve water include DEWA, Dubai Airports, ENOVA, Dubai Duty Free, EMAAR, Etisalat and many more.
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Find out more about our Water Saving Solutions

Talk to us today to find out how we can help you reduce your water consumption and save money.

The reputation that VERTECO has, not only as regional pioneers of sustainability, but as a reliable, trusted water saving solutions company, precedes them. Their maintenance teams are not only well trained, but they also always turn up on time and are a pleasure to have at the academy.

Mark Kammer

Operations Director and Co-Founder, Dynamic Advanced Training

We have installed the Waterless Urinal system across the entire UAE. We have been using their water-saving solution for 10 years now, and we have been able to eradicate urinal water usage, helping us to achieve our sustainability goals.

Vimal Radhakrishnan

Facilities Manager – VOX Cinema

We chose VERTECO, as regional players in the water conservation arena for over 10 years, who really understand the issues and complexities of water usage and wastage in the Middle East. Their recommendations have allowed us to serve and address our client’s sustainability needs.

Pradeep Singh

Acting Director, BD and Technical Etihad Energy Service

We Make Water Saving Simple

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Request a complimentary audit, conducted by qualified technicians who will conduct a full survey and consultation on a property’s water consumption and efficiency.

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Receive an overview of consumption of all water outlets, including toilets, showers, taps, bidet hoses etc.
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Choose from a recommended range of cost-effective water saving products, bespoke to your business needs, that will help you save on operational costs, as well as support your water saving initiatives.

Water Conservation Solutions

We offer a range of easy to fit retro-fit water-saving products which have been proven to successfully reduce water consumption without diminishing users’ comfort levels. Professional installation of these solutions are also available should the clients choose.
Water saving devices which regulate and lower flow rates in washbasin taps, kitchen taps, bidets, showers and bidet hoses without reducing pressure or affecting user comfort and experience.
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Our Water Saving Products

Row of stainless faucets/taps in a washroom

For Taps & Faucets

Row of various white water saving urinals

For Urinals

Water saving Bidet hose on wall

For Bidet Hoses

Rain Shower head on brown tiles

For Showers

Row of stainless Steel Abution Taps on wall

For Ablution Areas

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For Toilets

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the best solution to save water?

Water saving solutions are the simplest, easiest, and most cost-effective way for businesses to achieve their sustainability goals. VERTECO – the region’s leading water saving solutions company – offers a wide range of products that are proven to reduce water consumption significantly without impacting user experience.

VERTECO offer a complimentary audit, carried out by trained technicians, to review your current water consumption across all water outlets. You can then choose from a range of cost-effective water saving products, tailored to your needs.

Water saving solutions include products and services such as toilets, taps, bidet hoses, faucets and showers, all addressing over-consumption of water within the washroom. The entire range meet with local building regulations and are easy-to-install retro-fit products, making them cost-effective solutions guaranteed to save money long-term.

How can companies save water?
The use of water saving solutions allow companies to drastically reduce their water consumption. From a simple audit of current use and waste, cost-effective water saving products offer improvements in water consumption and savings in water bills are seen almost immediately..

Tailored to your business, water saving devices regulate and lower water flow in a range of water outlets to conserve water and reduce costs. VERTECO’s range of cost-effective water-saving products, such as washbasin and kitchen taps, bidets, showers and bidet hoses all support water saving initiatives without reducing pressure or affecting user experience or comfort.

What are water conservation solutions?
Water conservation solutions make saving water easy. The solutions are retro-fit water-saving products that have been proven to successfully reduce water consumption without affecting users’ comfort levels or convenience.

These products lower the flow of water in washroom taps and faucets without affecting pressure or performance. Significant savings are immediate, and payback is measured in weeks instead of years.

Find out more about our Water Saving Solutions

Talk to us today to find out how we can help you reduce your water consumption and save money.