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Patented closed floor drain systems that tackle problem odours and insect infestation .

Often poor plumbing and drainage systems lead to resultant odours or insect infestation coming from floor drains. Using multi-patented floor drainage technology, VERTECO provides retro-fit floor drains which offer simple, cost effective solutions for new build and retro-fit applications. These drains utilise a closed system which provides a hygienic seal between the drain system and the washroom, circumventing traditional drainage issues such as siphoning, odours, evaporation, blockages and insect infestation.
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Floor drain on grey tiles

Take real control of your water usage.

VERTECO is a trusted provider of washroom floor drainage solutions for hundreds of businesses across the UAE. We can help to assess, install and maintain the washroom drains within your property, helping ensure an exceptional washroom experience for your clients, customers and staff.

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Specialist floor-drain solutions on white tiles

Specialist Floor Drain Solutions

Tackle problem odours and prevent insect infestation with our patented closed systems.