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Reduce costs through smart washroom sensor technology – a sensor driven 3D IoT Smart platform that facilitates the improvement of washroom experience, through real time monitoring, management of resources, air quality, consumables, cleanliness, washroom usage and user satisfaction.

We make your transition from traditional washroom to a smart, IoT integrated experience, simple. We take care of everything from assessment, installation and dashboard design customised to your business needs, in way that is easy to understand. You get a clear view of the data you need to help you make the decisions you need to drive your desired level of washroom experience, and operational efficiency.

The smart washroom is an advanced, customised technology solution that seamlessly integrates IoT environmental and operational sensors with digital restroom 3D mapping to provide intuitive user dashboards and alarms for real time decision-making.

Get a live view, of geo-specific data across all your washroom facilities 24/7. The 3D platform monitors anything you would want to in a restoom environment; temperature, humidity, air quality, water flow, smart-flush, occupancy levels, customer satisfaction, blockages and more.

This real time data can be assessed with a historical overview to understand long-term usage patterns and predict how consumables are used within the washroom, for improved customer satisfaction and overall operational efficiency and ultimately a reduction in costs.

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Talk to us today to find out how our Smart Washroom Technologies can enhance customer experience, reduce operational costs and drive efficiencies.
This real time visibility enables you to drive restroom efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance customer experience, reduce environmental footprint, and allow for the appropriate inventory stock to be ordered.

The VERTECO smart washroom solution is ideal for clients such as large airports, shopping malls, stadiums, hospital and schools where large footfall are common as it is able to identify any hygiene or operational issues, leaks or breakdowns, and send SMS alerts so your team can address the problem.

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Specific Use Case Solutions

Digital Workforce Scheduling

By moving from a paper-based to digitized approach to staff scheduling and management, the process becomes standardized, auditable and reliable. Digital cleaning workforce scheduling in commercial and retail washroom environments allows adaptability and flexibility without compromising productivity. Digital workforce scheduling allows for Smarter planning, and with accurate overviews of daily tasks, staff timekeeping is improved, and FM teams can manage their workforce remotely to get a complete picture of what is happening in real time. Changes can be made based on actual needs and teams can respond immediately. Digital schedules and checklists also introduce accountability, with feedback being standardized and monitored on an ongoing basis.

People Counting Sensor System

People counters are sensor-driven technology that monitor the number of people in any given space, at any given time. The people counting systems are ideal for busy washrooms in commercial and retail spaces, giving FM teams accurate data on occupancy. By knowing people numbers in real time, managers can allocate more cleaning staff in response to busy periods, or reallocate staff elsewhere if visitor numbers are low. People counting sensors can separate data by entrance and time and can add in a number of variables as required. Realtime data from the sensors generates reports which allows business owners and FM teams to make more informed and more effective operational decisions.

 Installation of VERTECO’s IoT enabled washroom products have not only helped us to identify patterns and trends, allowed us to adjust planned maintenance schedules and ensured we avoid running out of consumables in in a high traffic landside washroom, it have saved substantial amounts of water and operational costs in the process.

Steven Mearns
Head of Engineering and Facilities, Heathrow Airport

 We found VERTECO and their smart washroom product range unmatched in terms of the environmental impact their superior product range offered. The waterless urinal system had an immediate and significant impact on our water consumption. The system is easy to maintain and is a very hygienic solution compared to traditional flushing urinals.

Berni O’Sullivan
Manager Strategic Planning & Effectiveness | Business Services, Mubadala

How can Smart Washroom Technology help you?

Man icon with circuling arrows in green
Allocate Resources

Real time data enables FMs to react to

Checklist icon in green
Report Generation

SMS and email alerts can be tailored, enabling service providers to carry out routine

Man and tick icon in green
Consumable Inventory

Accurate stock/ordering enabled

Enhance Customer Experience

Improve levels greatly

Smart Maintenance

Monitor patterns and identify areas of required

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Less Reactive Callouts

Real time data helps identify problems

Expand icon in green

Real time data enables FMs to react to

Checklist icon in green

Ensure SLAs are met in real time

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Bespoke Solutions

Customise dashboards to present data in

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is a smart washroom?
A smart washroom is a customizable solution that integrates operational and environmental smart washroom sensors and IoT technology, in commercial and retail washrooms, to provide a clear view of data in real-time. Some of the benefits of digital washrooms (restrooms) include smarter maintenance of facilities, enhanced customer service and increased staff accountability.

3-D platforms allow the user to monitor anything from temperature and humidity to occupancy levels and water flow, so the most effective decisions can be made to achieve optimal operational efficiency and reduce environmental footprint.

What is washroom technology?
Smart washroom technology consists of sophisticated equipment that allows a facility to be operated at optimal efficiency. Systems such as VERTECO’s 3D IoT smart platform, which is driven by smart washroom sensors, produce data which allows for real-time monitoring and improved user experience as well as achieving significant cost savings.

The smart system facilitates management of a wide range of resources. Usage patterns allows cleaning schedules to be adapted when needed and digital monitoring of consumables via sensors ensures a reduction in unnecessary checks and a reduction in waste. Real-time alerts can be sent when an equipment issue is detected, ensuring the problem is fixed before a more costly issue develops.

What is a smart lavatory maintenance system?
A smart lavatory maintenance system is a sensor and IoT driven system that provides the user with real-time data on a range of variables, supporting operational and environmental efficiencies.

From accurate consumable inventories and efficient allocation of resources to overall smarter facilities management, smart or ‘digital’ washrooms offer commercial and retail businesses scalable options and customizable solutions that support an overall enhanced customer experience.

What is a smart public toilet?
A smart public toilet is a sensor-driven system that monitors people movement within a facility. Also referred to as a washroom occupancy system, sensors allow the accurate measurement people using a lavatory in real-time. It is a simple yet cost-effective tool that allows owners to make effective operational decisions – whilst providing the best possible washroom experience for the user.

LooLights™ is a smart washroom sensor system that identifies when a washroom cubicle is being used. With a retro-fit light fixed to the ceiling in front of the cubicle door, a simple green or red light (or blue for people of determination) tells users which stalls are free, and which aren’t, preventing queues and overcrowding.

The occupancy system collects data which is displayed at the entrance to the washroom, directing people to a less busy washroom and easing congestion. With access to the data on a mobile device, facilities management teams can make decisions in real-time and immediately improve operational efficiencies.

Find out more about our Smart Water Washroom Technologies

Talk to us today to find out how our Smart Washroom Technologies can enhance customer experience, reduce operational costs and drive efficiencies.

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