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Whether it’s the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning, the delicate fragrance of gifted flowers, or the familiar musk of a favourite perfume, scent forms an essential part of our day-to-day lives.

Bring your brand to life with scent marketing solutions.

Scent is a personal experience, and smells we love linger in our memories. Harness the power of signature fragrancing to create a deeply personal connection between consumers and your brand. A signature scent can increase the value perception to your brand, working together with the aesthetic of your premises to create a unique experience for visitors. Many types of brands can benefit from scent marketing, including shopping malls, luxury stores, and hotels.
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Reception area with sofas and tables
As a leading supplier of scent diffusers in the United Arab Emirates, VERTECO helps brands to take advantage of the emotional power of scent marketing. From analysis to installation, we customize fragrancing to the needs of your space no matter what the size and maintain diffuser installations to ensure a consistent level of fragrance at all times. An extensive range of fragrances are available off the shelf, and our fragrance experts can also work closely with you to develop a bespoke fragrance for your brand. All fragrances are environmentally friendly and will deliver a long-lasting experience to your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is scent marketing?
Scent marketing solutions use fragrance to influence consumer behaviour. When the air is filled with smells that are subtle yet pleasant, you can create a connection between the customer and the space that they are in – and change their behaviour.
Is scent marketing effective?
Research shows that scent is powerful. Spaces that smell good have the ability to decrease consumer stress and anxiety. Scent marketing solutions really do bring your brand to life by triggering certain emotions and encouraging consumers to stay longer and spend more.
Who uses scent marketing?
Scent marketing solutions can help businesses big and small to influence positive consumer behaviour. VERTECO provides scent marketing in Dubai to a range of brands, including shopping malls, luxury stores, and hotels. By offering a signature scent in your space, and complimenting the aesthetic of the environment, you can increase value perception of your brand and create a truly unique experience for visitors.
What scents attract customers?
Scent is personal to the individual and lingers in our memories forever. Research shows that this is down to a sophisticated combination of science and art, and we subconsciously and favourably remember certain places because of the way they smell. Favourites include freshly ground coffee and delicate floral aromas, but any pleasant smell has the power to positively enhance consumer feelings and boost loyalty to your brand.

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