Water Saving Solutions for WCs

Achieve considerable reductions in toilet water wastage with
simple displacement devices and leak detection solutions

Achieve considerable reductions in water wastage with simple displacement devices and leak detection solutions

WC Displacement Bags

The Save-A-Flush is an award winning displacement device which fits into WC Toilet Tanks (of non-dual flush WCs over 7 litres in size). This device achieves a water efficient toilet flush - made from a laminate envelope containing super-absorbent polymer - each bag saves 1.2 litres every time the toilet is flushed. Saving around 13 litres of water every day, this hygienic water saver can last many years in the WC. Save-A-Flush has won Australia's National Savewater Awards for Best Product and the Waterwise Marque in the UK.
Water Saving Toilet Flush Bags
Water Saving Toilet Flush Tablets

Leak Detection Tablets

Save money and save water by detecting silent leaks with non-toxic blue dye tablets. The instruction card included has helpful information about water saving, the importance of fixing toilet leaks, and how to use the product. Simply drop tablet in tank and know in a few moments if a repair needs to be made. One of the most effective water conservation measures you can take.

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