Data Driven Cleaning Technology Beyond the Washroom

11 December 2023

The facilities management landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. Advances in technology have played a pivotal role in revolutionising the industry, enhancing efficiencies and streamlining operations. FM teams now have access to sophisticated tools and advanced resources, which have allowed them to reduce costs, advance sustainability and improve building performance.

Cloud-based software, mobile apps, IoT and automated technology have all transformed facilities management, meaning building performance, as well as user comfort and safety, are optimised.

One innovation in particular which has made waves within the FM industry is data-driven cleaning.

Replacing manual inspections, subjective auditing and reactive scheduling, smart cleaning technology offers a data driven solution which addresses many of the challenges of traditional commercial cleaning.

The Evolution of Data Driven Cleaning

While the concept of smart cleaning technology initially centred around washroom facilities, its potential has grown and it is expanding its horizons to transform cleaning tasks in various commercial settings, far beyond restroom walls.

Commercial cleaning teams today face tougher demands than ever before. With factors such as elevated sustainability targets, hybrid working patterns and reduced budgets putting pressure on FM teams, digital cleaning addresses the challenges faced by cleaning staff, helping them to improve efficiencies and deliver exceptional services.

With the ability to monitor real-time occupancy, air quality, consumable levels, customer feedback, and much, much more, digital cleaning technology is establishing itself at the centre of FM operations. From offices and meeting rooms to common areas and kitchens, businesses are leveraging smart cleaning technology to create a more intelligent and responsive approach to facility management.

Expanding the Scope of Cleaning Technology 

The applications of data-driven cleaning technology are diverse. Smart solutions which utilize real-time data, sensors, and advanced analytics to optimize cleaning processes, creating a more efficient and proactive approach to cleaning, can be implemented just about anywhere.

We take a look at some of the advances smart cleaning technology offers busy commercial spaces.

  • Optimised cleaning schedules   

    Data driven cleaning technology allows optimised workforce scheduling, supporting better management of areas such as meeting rooms and shared workspaces. By allowing businesses to schedule cleaning tasks based on real-time usage data, areas that are used frequently can be prioritized for more regular cleaning, ensuring a consistently clean, safe and welcoming environment for employees. FM teams can manage workforces and their schedules remotely, allocating responsibilities when needed and monitoring performance and attendance to improve accountability.

  • Efficient resource allocation 

    Through the use of sensors, FM teams can analyse usage patterns in different areas of a commercial space, meaning the levels of valuable resources are always monitored. The level of just about anything can be supervised, from ensuring the hand sanitizer dispenser is always topped up, or making sure that waste bins never overflow. With real-time data on consumable levels, maintenance staff don’t make unnecessary checks on consumables that haven’t yet depleted, and user comfort and hygiene is maintained by ensuring access to the supplies they need.

  • An ambient environment 

    With sensors placed just about anywhere, FM teams can remotely monitor things like air quality and AC temperature. Depending on the time of day, the temperature, and occupant numbers, digital technology can be used to trigger responses which adjust lighting, AC settings and air purifiers, when needed. As well as ensuring the most hygienic and comfortable environment for occupants, this offers operational, cost and waste efficiencies.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    Digital cleaning technology offers the customer an exhaustive list of activities, allowing them to clearly define their requirements, manage any queries and automate work allocation from a single, remote touchpoint. With an audit tool which digitizes audits, checklists and inspections, the inspection process is streamlined and standardised for the client.

Comprehensive Facility Management Beyond the Washroom 

Smart cleaning technology continues to evolve, and its applications are transcending traditional boundaries. Beyond the washroom, innovative solutions in offices, meeting rooms, and common areas are supporting optimised cleaning, enhanced productivity, improved efficiencies and a more sustainable approach, allowing companies to elevate facility management, and providing a cleaner and more enjoyable environment for the ned user.

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