VERTECO Launches Affordable Lease Options for Mobile Hand Washing Units in Bid to Boost Hand Hygiene Habits

14 June 2023

VERTECO, the region’s leading supplier of award-winning Smart Washroom Solutions, Water Saving Products and Data Driven Cleaning Technology, has announced the launch of two cost-effective leasing options for the Smixin mobile hand washing stations. As official regional distributors of Smixin products, the rental models are designed to offer the hospitality and events sector an affordable way to provide guests with an accessible, hygienic and environmentally friendly place to wash their hands, improving customer experience at the same time.

According to a recent study by the UK’s Food Standards Agency, there has been a decline in consumer hand washing in eating establishments since the start of the pandemic. Despite COVID-19 focussing attention on the need for effective and timely hand hygiene, the report states that the good habits we all adopted are starting to slip.

Accessibility to hygienic facilities plays a major factor in this. The pandemic brought us constant reminders about the importance of regular hand washing. Three years on, without the daily prompts, we are far less likely to wash our hands when out and about, particularly when facilities aren’t close or conveniently located where and when we need them.

Yet the simple fact remains – nothing is as effective as soap and water when it comes to stopping the spread of bacteria and infections within a food-handling environment. VERTECO offers the perfect solution for the hospitality sector. Making hand hygiene in public places simple, the completely touchless, fully automated system can be placed anywhere, with users simply placing their hands in the unit where a mix of water and soap are dispensed. The mobile system delivers impeccable hygiene standards and promotes an all-round more comfortable and positive experience for the end-user.

As well as boosting hygiene, the system also addresses the environmental impact of hand washing. With carefully measured amounts of soap and water, it offers the most ecological way to properly wash our hands.

For hotels, restaurants, food courts, and any other F&B outlet, the 2-year lease plan offers a cost-effective alternative to installing a permanent hand wash facility. Starting at just AED 590 per month, the unit offers the convenience of an easy-to-access unit which in turns promotes improved hand hygiene habits in any environment.

The short-term rental option allows event organisers to hire the units for just the day, week, or however long they need. Ideal for large parties, gatherings and social events, the option ensures hand hygiene is maintained, wherever the gathering may be.

David King, Managing Director of VERTECO, says “The good hand washing behaviours that we all established during the pandemic have declined. Accessibility is a major factor in this – if there isn’t a clean washroom nearby, then hand hygiene is far less likely to be a priority. The mobile hand washing system offers a simple, yet highly effective solution, whenever and wherever it is needed.”

King added, “In-line with our sustainability values, the system also saves water by drastically reducing the waste associated with hand washing. By regulating the use of water, soap and paper towels, the unit offers the most environmentally friendly use of consumables. In fact, the system uses 90% less water than traditional hand washing, whilst still delivering desired hygiene standards.”

The Smixin hand washing system has been revolutionising the way consumers within the hospitality sector around the world have been washing their hands. The units can be found in F&B outlets across the region, and in well known establishments such as Shake Shack Middle East.

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