VERTECO Launches Leak Detection Service in Bid to Tackle Water Wastage

25 May 2023
Dubai-based leading supplier of water conservation solutions VERTECO has announced the launch of a leak detection service, aimed at tackling the single biggest contributor to water wastage in the UAE.

Globally, more than 45 million cubic metres of water are lost through leakage every day. In the GCC, water leaks are estimated to contribute to the loss of billions of gallons of our precious resource annually, with reports suggesting more than 10% of the UAE’s water supply is wasted in its distribution network.

Water scarcity poses a very real environmental concern for the region, which is among the most water scarce in the world. Yet the Gulf has one of the highest per capita consumption rates, more than 65% higher than the global average in some countries.

Faced with such a pressing need for conservational action, VERTECO, the region’s leading supplier of Water Saving Products, Smart Washroom Solutions and Data Driven Cleaning Technology, were determined to address the problem and invest in a solution that could make a big difference.

Whilst the UAE performs favourably in terms of water leaks compared to other GCC countries, thanks to solid infrastructure and previous efforts by organisations such as DEWA to address water loss through the implementation of the latest technologies, VERTECO – a company whose sole ambition is to address sustainability – felt compelled to contribute to the cause.

Using innovative technology, the service can quickly and accurately detect water leaks, saving vast amounts of water in the process. The solution is designed to help commercial and industrial businesses, as well as residential customers find any type of leak, which can cause significant amounts of damage if not detected immediately. From water tanks and drainage pipes to irrigation systems and swimming pools, the round-the-clock service ensures business continuity, mitigates larger scale damage and repair, protects the environment, and saves customers vast amounts of money in the process.

David King, Managing Director of VERTECO, says, “Promoting sustainability is our mission, and water-saving is one of the ways we achieve it. By launching our leak detection service – the latest in a long line of innovative environmental solutions introduced to the regional market – we are confident we can make an immediate, yet very significant impact on the UAE’s water wastage rates.”

King continued, “It felt fitting to launch the service during the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, an initiative shining a light on the need for environmental action today to protect against environmental disasters in the future. The UAE has set an example on a global scale of what can be achieved when we invest in water-saving activities, and we look forward to supporting businesses across the country as we continue to tackle water scarcity together.”

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