Smart Water Management using IoT – What is it?

20 February 2023

What is IoT Water Management?

For many businesses and individuals, saving water is a top priority.

Reducing the amount of water that either you or your company uses doesn’t just cut costs, it’s also essential for protecting the planet. With the UN predicting that 1.8 billion people will be living in areas or countries with absolute water scarcity by 2025, it’s essential that we all do our bit and try and preserve our precious water supplies.

IoT water management systems are an innovative washroom technology that help monitor, manage and control water usage.

How does Smart Water Management using IoT work?

IoT stands for ‘internet of things’ and VERTECO’s smart water management solutions use smart metering devices to help companies and tenants control their water usage by monitoring factors such as leakages, flow rates, flush volumes, pressure and temperature in real time.

It operates around three essential steps…

  1. Collect data
    VERTECO’s Smart Water Management solutions using IoT use smart sensors and meters collect water flow data that is then analysed into comprehensive water performance reports. Only one water meter is needed to monitor an entire building, but individual meters can be used to monitor individual floors, areas or devices. These sensors operate a two-way communication system using either WiFi or data.
  2. Analyse and produce reports
    Users can then refer to our dynamic web dashboards to view how their water is being used on a day-to-day, whilst email, text and mobile notifications inform them immediately whenever a leak has occurred, or a report is ready to be viewed. This allows clients to monitor their water usage remotely and from wherever they are in the world.
  3. React quickly and efficiently
    If a serious problem occurs and there is a leak or blockage, our solutions react immediately and cut off the water supply to ensure that no further damage occurs. The constant two-way communication between the sensors and the control dashboard means the flow of water can be stopped and controlled via an electric shutoff valve, and this can be activated by either the client or automatically.
    Being able to react so quickly to complications saves on both staffing and repairs, and also gives business owners the security of knowing that they are in constant control of their water usage.

Three key benefits of IoT water management systems

As mentioned above, our efficient and high-tech IoT water management systems come with a vast array of benefits. Here are some of the most notable ones:

1. Discover leaks and water damage immediately

Our intelligent water systems are fitted with leak and moisture sensors. This means that whether you are in the building itself or half way across the world at a business conference, you’ll find out about these problems straight away and be able to plan your operations accordingly.  After all, leakage control is essential for keeping your water resources and budgets safe.

2. Receive constant communication

Whether you prefer email, text or want to check in on your dashboard yourself to monitor your usage in real time, you can check in on your water usage whenever you want. You’ll also receive timely alerts to ensure you don’t miss anything. 

3. Prioritise water conservation across one or more sites

If you have several branches to your business or several properties, VERTECO’s intelligent water management solutions let you monitor several locations at once. Keeping track of important measurements such as water pressure, temperature and flow can really help to improve your operational efficiencies and reduce water waste. Since opening the Middle East regional office in Dubai in 2010, VERTECO has delivered its water solutions and technologies to some of the MENA region’s most iconic destinations and major companies such as Dubai Airport, EMAAR, Etihad ESCO, Etisalat, Etihad Airways, VOX Cinemas, Dubai Airports, Mall of the Emirates, Mubadala and at Expo 2020 Dubai, amongst many others.

Receive help from a dedicated, award-winning team here in the UAE

Sometimes referring to an app or email just isn’t enough. If you feel like you want assistance, advice or just a bit of extra information from an actual personal, our personable team are here and waiting to help. In fact, our team at VERTECO have been officially recognised for their disruptive innovations and excellent customer service. In 2010 they were awarded the Waterwise Marque, in 2012 the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority’s (DEWA) ‘Letter of Recommendation’ and Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council’s (QCC) ‘Certificate of Conformity’ and in 2021 the Facilities Management Middle East Supplier of the Year and the Innovation in Facilities Management, Supplier of the Year titles.

    The real cost of poor water management

    Still not convinced that smart water management using IoT could help your company?

    Well, here are some shocking figures that might jolt you into action.

    Based on Dubai Electricity & Water Authority’s rates from 2019, a leaking toilet loses four litres of water per minute. This amounts to a monthly cost of AED 471 and AED 5,652 wasted over a year.

    Meanwhile, a tap leakage loses eight litres a minute and results in a monthly loss of AED 4,714 and an annual loss AED 56,568.

    Finally, an underground leak expends a massive 75 litres a minute and costs a business AED 44,194 per month and AED 530,328 per year.

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