VERTECO Announces Free Water Audits For Businesses Across the UAE

22 February 2023
VERTECO, the region’s leading supplier of award-winning Water Saving Products, Data Driven Cleaning Technology and Smart Washroom Solutions, has announced it will be offering free water audits to businesses occupying commercial properties throughout 2023.

The announcement supports the UAE’s Year of Sustainability and its efforts to inspire collective environmental action thorough commitment to sustainable best practice. In line with the UAE’s national strategy, the Year of Sustainability solidifies the UAE’s commitment to addressing current environmental challenges – including water shortages – and promoting sustainable initiatives. The year will culminate with the UAE hosting the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – a political, economic, scientific and social platform to assess the progress in climate action.

VERTECO is established regionally as a leading specialist in water-saving solutions and an all-round sustainability authority, thanks to their innovative range of environmental products and services. The move to offer complimentary water audits demonstrates the company’s dedication to preserving the UAE’s water supply, and supports the Year of Sustainability’s commitment to collaborating with the providers of innovative solutions which address environmental challenges.

VERTECO’s water audits are designed to help commercial properties review their current water consumption. Carried out by their skilled technicians, the audits give an insight into how much water is being used and crucially, wasted, across any building. A detailed report then offers advice on how water can be saved and where and highlights which water-saving solutions would offer the best return of investment with maximum environmental impact. The report also gives accurate estimates on water reduction percentages and carbon savings.

Water scarcity is one of the most pressing environmental concerns for the UAE. With the highest per capita consumption rate in the world, a rapidly increasing population, and a decreasing water table, the Emirates is confronted with a significant depletion of water resources. Desalination has traditionally provided much needed water, but the process is not a sustainable solution due to its significant environmental impact.

Experts agree that the most effective and immediate way to address water shortage is through understanding water use, and then implementing sustainable water management. If business owners and regulators are aware of exactly how infrastructure is using water, they can ensure it is being managed as efficiently as possible. In the UAE’s urban landscape, sophisticated Smart water monitoring and management systems make the process simple, utlising sensors, IoT and AI technology, to easily measure, monitor and control water use.

David King, Managing Director of VERTECO, says, “We are extremely proud to support the Year of Sustainability initiative and the UAE’s long-established sustainability values, which resonate so closely with our own. We have been working in the UAE for 13 years, helping businesses to achieve environmental efficiencies which have not only changed the way they operate, but have had a direct impact on the UAE’s natural resources. By offering free water audits to commercial properties, we hope to drive awareness of how companies can take control of water use and wastage and increase understanding of the changes that need to take place to avoid long-term water scarcity.”

King continued, “We strongly believe that awareness and education are critical when it comes to addressing environmental challenges. We applaud the UAE for dedicating 2023 to highlighting the need for us all to come together in collective efforts and lead the Emirates towards a more sustainable future.”

VERTECO currently works with big name businesses and leading FM providers across the region to offer water-saving advice, solutions and support. They provide water audits to a range of commercial properties, from schools and hospitals to shopping malls and offices, as they seek to achieve their sustainability ambitions. Their innovative solutions have helped hundreds of companies around the world improve their sustainability credentials and in total, have saved an estimated 750,000,000 cubic meters of water and USD 2.6 billion for industry. Since the beginning that’s the equivalent of 300,000 Olympic sized swimming pools of drinking water.

To book a complimentary water audit for your organization, please contact the VERTECO team.

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