Offering Propelair sustainable toilets in the UAE

24 October 2021

VERTECO, the award-winning specialist in smart washroom technology and water saving products, is proud to distribute Propelair technology, the world’s lowest water-flush toilet, across the UAE

VERTECO, the forward-thinking specialist in water conservation solutions, smart washroom technologies and smart water management, is delighted to announce that it is partnering with Propelair to bring the brand’s sustainable toilets to the UAE. The world’s lowest water-flush toilet, Propelair’s innovative product is empowering businesses across the region to save money, improve their operational efficiencies, enhance their washroom hygiene and reduce water consumption.

Manufactured in the UK, Propelair’s cutting-edge technology brings numerous environmental benefits. Using over 80 percent less water than a standard toilet and producing over 76 percent less carbon, last year Propelair successfully saved the world 47 million litres of water. In addition, there are many positives from a business point of view, with the intelligent innovation found to reduce water and sewage repair bills by up 60 percent, and significantly lower the risk of blockages. Ultra-hygienic, it perhaps most importantly diminishes the risk of airborne germs by 95 percent, and creates a cleaner and more comfortable experience for users.

The Propelair toilet is the latest addition to VERTECO’s award-winning portfolio of water saving technologies and smart washroom sensor-driven 3D IoT solutions. Aiming to promote responsible behaviours and lower the UAE’s collective water footprint whilst helping businesses to improve their operational efficiencies, the progressive company has been shaking up the Middle East’s facilities management sector since it launched its regional office in Dubai in 2010.

As well as distributing the new Propelair product to businesses across the region, VERTECO is also delighted to offer a full installation service and maintenance support for every client that purchases these groundbreaking washroom enhancers.

The Propelair toilet incorporates a two-part cistern, with one used for air and one for water. Before flushing, the lid is closed and a seal is formed, effectively stopping 95 percent of germs from being blown up into the air and settling on touch surfaces such as door handles, locks and toilet-roll dispensers.  When the flush sensor is activated and water and air enter the pan to clean it, nothing can escape from the sealed lid and the entire contents of the pan are flushed away and completed within three seconds. It is then ready to be re-flushed for the next user within 20 to 30 seconds.

David Hollander, CEO of Propelair, said:

“We’re thrilled to partner with VERTECO to help businesses across the country discover the benefits of our water-efficient toilet. The product was created to address the waste involved in traditional toilets using on average of nine litres of water per flush and accounting for up to 70 to 85 percent of  water use in commercial buildings. Manufactured to the highest possible quality, our technologies have already helped many businesses across the UK save millions of litres of water, and we’re excited to do the same in the UAE with the help of our friends at VERTECO.”

David King, Managing Director of VERTECO for the MENA Region commented: “Here at VERTECO, we’re delighted to introduce the region to the powers of Propelair toilets.  This ingenious product has already helped many international customers become more sustainable, reduce their water usage and save on costs.

“Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, which are particularly vital in an area as arid and water-deprived as the GCC, the sealed lid enables commercial washrooms to become a safer and more hygienic environment for users. We all know that washrooms can provide a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and this is accentuated by flushing with the lid up. As the region recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, cleanliness and hygiene have never been more important. By distributing Propelair’s innovative product we hope to protect the health and wellbeing of all our region’s residents and visitors, and further the region’s efforts to preserve the planet and adopt more sustainable practices.”

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