Free innovative technology offered across the UAE

14 December 2021

VERTECO, the award-winning specialist in smart washroom technology and water saving products, is proud to offer its innovative software technology for free across the UAE

The company is leading the way in helping companies pivot towards water-efficient, hygienic and cost-effective washrooms of the future

DUBAI, UAE – December 14th, 2021 – VERTECO, the award-winning specialist in water conservation solutions, smart washroom technologies and smart water management, is proud to announce that it is offering its innovative smart washroom software free of cost to help organizations better manage their operational efficiencies and washroom hygiene as the post-Covid-19 return-to-work trend continues across the UAE.

The innovative software helps companies to manage their cleaning rosters remotely and in real time by replacing the paper roster that is typically taped to doors in restrooms and manually updated by cleaning staff. VERTECO is offering the software free of cost for up to 20 users in an organization.

The smart washroom technology is an advanced, customizable solution that seamlessly integrates IoT environmental and operational sensors with digital restroom 3D mapping to provide intuitive user dashboards and alarms. This real time data can be assessed with a historical overview to understand long-term usage patterns and predict how consumables are used within washrooms, leading to improved customer satisfaction, overall operational efficiencies and, ultimately, a reduction in costs.

The cutting-edge technology is a scaleable smart solution that allows organizations to boost the management of washroom hygiene in line with the number of employees returning to the office. 

Companies can implement the free software to schedule cleaning shifts and depending on their setup can then add Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, including people counters and customer feedback, to collect data in real time and use the information to enhance sanitation planning based on fact.

David King, Managing Director of VERTECO for the MENA Region, said: “The addition of smart technology is revolutionizing the way washrooms operate and is leading to significant environmental, hygiene and financial savings, particularly as the UAE recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and employees return to the office.

“The smart washroom software enables companies to monitor the cleaning shifts of washrooms in real time and helps staff to become more accountable. Our solutions can easily be integrated into existing washroom infrastructure at a minimal cost. A customer can make as much, or as little, of their washroom smart as they like – and they can easily scale-up in the future as more staff stop working from home.”

Finally, an underground leak expends a massive 75 litres a minute and costs a business AED 44,194 per month and AED 530,328 per year.

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