VERTECO Launches the Smart Washroom Starter Kit

07 September 2023

The ‘Smart Washroom in a box’ offers companies a cost-effective entry point to smart washroom management.

VERTECO, the region’s leading provider of award-winning Smart Washroom Solutions, Water Saving Products, and Data-Driven Cleaning Technology, has launched a novel digital FM solution – the Smart Washroom Starter Kit.

The kit – essentially a ‘Smart Washroom in a box’ – is an innovative idea aimed at offering companies an affordable entry point to smart washroom management. Leased on a monthly basis with no upfront costs, the kit contains the essentials that will enable FM teams to make the leap from traditional to intelligent and efficient commercial washroom operations, in a cost-effective way. 

The starter kit features a range of VERTECO’s innovative Smart hardware, including people counters, air quality sensors, waste bin level sensors, consumable dispenser level sensors and a gateway for seamless connectivity. Significantly enhancing operational efficiencies, the sensors enable water and energy savings by regulating consumable levels based on real-time usage and identify tasks which need attention, supporting better use of manpower. Sensors also significantly boost user experience, enabling touchless and more hygienic interactions, promoting washroom wellbeing through optimized air quality and helping to create a more pleasant space.

The hardware package also includes a customer feedback tablet, which allows users to rate their washroom experience and means FM teams can respond immediately to any concerns. The tablet also doubles up as a digitised cleaner checklist, replacing traditional paper task sheets pinned to the back of washroom doors. The digital checklist makes managing staff and reviewing their performance more accurate, reliable and efficient.

Data gathered from the hardware is stored on a secure, cloud-based solution and delivered to a platform – also included in the kit – and split into two tools offering full workforce management and workorder management software.

With such data driven insights, the workforce management software empowers businesses by facilitating more streamlined and effective scheduling of staff, better time and attendance tracking and optimized resource allocation.

Data derived from the sensor technology, delivered directly to software in the form of alerts, supports optimised workorder management with real time information on consumables based on actual demand and tasks that need immediate attention, resulting in operational and cost efficiencies.

Essentially, the data-driven platform drives a switch from a traditional, reactive way of cleaning to a proactive, needs-focused approach to facilities management.

One of the most appealing features of the Smart Washroom Starter Kit is its modularity. Businesses can easily expand and enhance their smart washroom system by adding components such as occupancy lights and screens at any time. Similarly, smaller companies can scale down to meet their specific needs. With such scalability, companies can tailor the solution to meet their evolving requirements. 

For companies who are new to the concept of Smart washroom technology, VERTECO will adopt a consultative approach to customers. As the region’s leading provider and true pioneers of Smart washroom tech, VERTECO will provide a dedicated customer success manager for each client. They will discuss each company’s ambitions, helping them to build an entry-level solution that suits their needs.

David King, Managing Director of VERTECO, said “We have been delivering Smart washroom solutions to businesses in the Middle East for many years now, but for lots of companies, the concept is still a new one. By launching the Smart Washroom Starter Kit, we want to make the solution accessible to everyone, so they can see for themselves the cost and operational efficiencies, as well as the sustainability benefits, that the solution can offer. The beauty of the idea lies in its scalability, and we will engage with every customer to really understand their needs and build truly customizable solutions to ensure they get maximum value and benefit from every implementation.” 

VERTECO aims to extend the entry-level solution beyond washrooms. Businesses can leverage the technology to manage cleaning tasks in offices, meeting rooms, and common areas. From vacuuming to window cleaning, any task can be made Smart, streamlining operations, and improving overall facility management.

VERTECO’s Smart Washroom Starter Kit is offered on a 3-year lease contract. Hardware, installation, configuration, software/platform, data, alerts, reports, and training are all included. As a benchmark, a single building with 8 washrooms (each with 3 toilet cubicles) and 25 users costs AED 350 per month. There are no upfront or CAPEX costs. Prices can be scaled according to bespoke needs. For full terms and conditions and pricing details, please email: [email protected]

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